Panorama Clinker Storage and Discharge

Clinker storage and Discharge

The correct design - also in the field of clinker storage - is the most important foundation stone for
economic operation. Important aspects apart from the stripping capacity and optimum design
of the conveying lines are above all the material characteristics and the appropriate design of bunker, storage or silo. AUMUND, through its long-term know-how in this field offers comprehensive advice for technically and economically achievable solutions.

Storage of cement clinker is a prerequisite for continuous kiln operation. Constantly increasing kiln capacities ensure storage volumes of 200,000m3 or more.
The situation on site as well as the specific properties of the material determine the configuration
of the storage and handling equipment. Above all the following aspects need to be taken into consideration here:

•    Available space
•    Statics, soil bearing capacity and groundwater situation
•    Bulk material temperature and flow properties
•    Environmental regulations and aesthetics
•    Investment and operational costs
•    Capacity and unloading capacity (in automatic operation)