Panorama Alternative Energy Sources

for complex situations

With the increasing demand for alternative energy sources the requirement for conveying and storage equipment suited to these fuels is also growing. For a long time now the AUMUND Group has been focusing on this growth market and has excellent references in many areas:

  • Silo filling and silo discharge
  • Stockyard and reclaiming technology for wood chips
  • Mobile conveying and storage solutions for materials handling

The most varied of materials are fed into the equally diverse processes with the aid of products from the AUMUND Group. The range of alternative energy fuels is immense. Major sources are refuse from livestock breeding and food processing, wood chips or shredded plastic waste, sewage sludge and tire chips. 


The AUMUND Group also provides solutions for stockpiling and mobile conveying via the SCHADE Lagertechnik and SAMSON Materials Handling brands.