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Non-ferrous metallurgy


In the aluminium industry AUMUND Group products are used in various areas, such as for example:

  • Reception and conveying of aluminium
  • Conveying and cooling conveying in primary and secondary smelters 

Primary aluminium

The AUMUND cooling conveyor is particularly suitable for use in smelters which work with the prebaked anode process, with the following advantages:

Cooling of the materials in 6-8 hours down to below 100°C

  • Collection of the fluorine gases which are produced during the cooling process
  • Improved safety conditions in the potrooms
  • Improved environmental conditions in the potrooms
  • Improved automation conditions

Secondary aluminium

As the extraction of secondary aluminium is more energy efficient than the production of primary aluminium, this method of making aluminium is becoming more and more popular. Aluminium recycling therefore makes a significant contribution to energy conservation and at the same time helps protect the environment. 

Equipping an aluminium or recycling plant with AUMUND machinery is dependent on close coordination and planning between AUMUND engineers and the plant. The main application is to convey scrap to be re-smelted, whether it be new scrap as a by-product of primary production or old scrap from used aluminium products.

Other non-ferrous metals

AUMUND offers solutions for specific applications to transport and convey typical bulk materials in metallurgical processes in non-ferrous metal production, such as for example copper, zinc or nickel.

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