Panorama Optimisation & Conversion

Process optimisation and modernisation by conversion

Exchange and replacement of existing conveying equipment with equivalent products from AUMUND to modernise and optimise a process can be a good technological and economical alternative to the purchase of new equipment. Depending on the current situation, conveying equipment can be replaced by similar models. In other cases, a modernisation is preferable so that the plant is upgraded to the current state of technology. 

The application of new conveying principles could be a way to optimise the process. Therefore, a detailed analysis of both the current situation and the desired outcome for the future is required. AUMUND has many years of international experience in plant optimisation, and develops a custom-fit solution for each stage of production.

In designing the most suitable conversion concept the aim is to retain and re-use as much of the existing equipment as possible in order to arrive at the most economically viable result.

Typical examples of conversions in the metallurgy industry

  • Replacement of vibratory feeders, that are susceptible to wear when transporting hot sinter, with specially wear-resistant AUMUND sinter conveyors
  • Introducing pan or apron conveyors to replace belt conveyors for which the material temperatures are too high
  • Change from corrugated edged conveyors to AUMUND belt or chain bucket elevators
  • Replacement of existing vibrating feeders with AUMUND flat plate conveyors for noise reduction
  • Installation of AUMUND’s CENTREX® silo discharge systems in storage of sticky materials

Industrial fitting services in connection with conversions are provided by AUMUND Group Field Service to all companies of the AUMUND Group. Additionally AUMUND Group Field Service offers its services to customers outside the AUMUND Group.