Panorama Clinker transport and storage

Clinker transport and storage

Painstaking design and configuration of clinker storage and transport plays a decisive role in overall plant economics. They are of special significance and are core AUMUND competences. Storage type is determined by local conditions and required storage capacities. Various construction methods are feasible and employable, depending on installation design:

  • Large capacity silos
  • Cylindrical concrete or stell silos
  • Covered circular storage
  • Covered circular storage with MOLEX®
  • Storage hall with inner cone

According to the situation on site and the resulting angle of inclination

Discharge from clinker storage is performed in many cases by the

  • Silo Discharge Device type SDG (gravity discharge).
    The material is transferred to a downstream deep drawn pan conveyor. Where residue-free emptying of a circular storage is necessary AUMUND employs its MOLEX®.