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Franz-W. Aumund is Honorary Senator of Koblenz University

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Koblenz, 22 May 2013

KOBLENZ. For the first time in the history of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences its senate has nominated a friend and sponsor of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences as Honorary Senator. Franz-Walter Aumund, owner of AUMUND Group based in Rheinberg on the Lower Rhine and founder of the Franz-W. Aumund-Foundation, has contributed significantly to the financial and non-material support of students at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences in recent years. Every year excellent students in the faculty Engineering are able to finance their study with a generous scholarship funded by Franz-Walter Aumund.

Verleihung Ehrensenator

In 2006 Franz-Walter Aumund founded the Franz-W. Aumund-Foundation within the “Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft“, which focuses on the promotion of high-performance junior professionals in Engineering and Natural Sciences. “Successful businesses require – particularly when looking at globalized markets – a social environment that stimulates success which includes a school and university system that keeps “supplying“ businesses with junior staff that meet international requirements and have the ability to compete on a global scene“, Aumund explains his commitment, “to safeguard such quality cannot just be left to the government; we should also show private commitment.“

The appointment of Franz-Walter Aumund as Honorary Senator of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences is based on a proposal made by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Detlev Borstell in December last year. The professor in the faculty Mechanical Engineering himself had worked for AUMUND in the 90s and was able to attract Franz-Walter Aumund as a sponsor for students at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, too. This is how Koblenz University of Applied Sciences – in addition to TU Berlin - was admitted to the scholarship scheme as part of the Franz-W. Aumund-foundation in the year 2008.

Ever since the faculty Mechanical Engineering has been able to award four new scholarships every year, which are funded very generously with 680 Euro per month. On average 15 students at the Unversity of Applied Sciences are being supported at the same time by the Franz-W. Aumund-foundation and therefore the promotion capacity amounts to some 120,000 Euro per year. A high share of female scholarship holders is remarkable: Five women (22 %) are among the 23 students that have been promoted so far. This percentage is fairly constant und is well above the general percentage of women in Mechanical Engineering.

Beyond the foundation’s funding scheme, doors at AUMUND and all their subsidiaries worldwide are open to scholarship holders and all other students studying (Mechanical) Engineering at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences. Since 2009 nine theses have been completed at AUMUND group out of which five have been done by scholarship holders. “The support of students by the technical departments at AUMUND is outstanding“, Borstell emphasizes. As scholarship payments are continued when students spend a semester abroad (for one semester) scholarship holders have been able to spend their semester abroad in Spain, France, Great Britain, Finland, Egypt, India and China: „Thus the scholarship scheme also contributes significantly to the internationalization efforts of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences.“

“Thanks to this truly exceptional commitment, study conditions could be improved substantially for a number of students in the faculty Engineering“, states Prof. Dr. Kristian Bosselmann-Cyran, President of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, who was very pleased about the senate’s decision to nominate Franz-Walter Aumund as the first Honorary Senator of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences.

Franz-Walter Aumund has literally inherited the closeness to universities and social commitment: In the 1920s his grandfather Heinrich Aumund was Professor for materials handling technology in Danzig and Berlin and he wrote a few standard books in this field. Besides, he played a key role when the German university landscape was reformed in the Weimar Republic. Initially, Professor Aumund had founded the enterprise Aumund as an engineering office for patent marketing in Berlin and later, after the war, he relocated to Duisburg. Today, AUMUND Group operates globally in the field of transport and storage technology for bulk materials with sites in Germany, Great Britain, China, Brazil, USA, India, France, Russia, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and a worldwide operating agency network.