Panorama Double Bucket Elevator (Chain) (BWZ-D)

AUMUND Double Bucket Elevator (Chain)  Type BWZ-D

AUMUND developed the BWD Double Bucket Elevator as a means for tackling conveying capacities of over 1,800 m3/h. This bucket elevator can be designed with centre distances of over 90 m and is a combination of two standard bucket elevators, each with a rear central chain. Both bucket strands run on a common drive shaft which is supported in plummer block bearings and driven by double drives. 

Features and Characteristics

  • conveying capacities of more than 1,800 m3/h
  • centre distances greater than 90 m
  • symmetrical weight distribution for long service life of chain and drive shaft
  • no mechanical connection between the bucket strands
  • material feed via flow divider
  • tension axles are supported separately in order to be able to control the chain length of the two strands independently of each other