Panorama Chain Bucket Elevator (BWZ)

AUMUND Chain Bucket Elevator
Type BWZ

AUMUND BWZ Chain Bucket Elevators are equipped with a forged central chain and are designed to convey all kinds of coarse, hot or abrasive bulk materials. Even operating 24/7, they can convey over 900 m3/h at centre distances of over 30 m.

Features and Characteristics

  • conveying of bulk materials with temperatures up to 850°C
  • heat resistant up to 400°C
  • homogenous material flow with minimal spillage due to closely arranged buckets
  • easy, reliable fixing of buckets to chain maximises lifetime (AUMUND patent)
  • forged chains with lubricated labyrinth seal
  • silo and mill feed applications
  • suitable for abrasive, hot, coarse and fine materials