Panorama Bucket Conveyor BZB

Bucket Apron Conveyor
Type BZB

The Bucket Apron Conveyor (type BZB) is the optimum solution for conveying at up to 60° gradient angle.

Functions & Features

    Narrow curve radius
•    Suitable for heavy duty applications and high temperatures
•    Close bucket arrangement for conveying of fine particles bulk materials
•    High bucket stability thanks to integral traverse in the bucket floor
•    Forwards and backwards overlapping of the buckets possible
•    Standard bucket sizes up to 1,600mm width
•    Conveying capacity regulation through frequency controlled drive
•    Content level monitoring possible

Special Delivery/Metallurgy: DRI/HBI-Hot Material Conveyor BZB-I

Where the installation circumstances demand it, the DRI/HBI-Hot Material Conveyor with the specially developed bucket apron conveyor BZB-I can be employed.

Functions & Features for the metallurgical industry

•    Material temperature up to 1,100° Celsius
•    Horizontal conveying up to 300 metres (AUMUND type KZB-I)
•    Conveying capacity with horizontal conveying from 100 to 1800t/h
•    Inclined conveying – lift height dependent upon conveying capacity
•    Conveying capacity with up to 600t/h (type KZB-I / BZB-I)
•    Plate widths for pans from 400 to 2,400mm
•    Plate widths of buckets from 400 to 1,600mm
•    AUMUND inert gas system against re oxidation and metallisation loss