Panorama Arched Plate Conveyor BPB

AUMUND Arched Plate Conveyor

 Type BPB

A core application of the AUMUND BPB Arched Plate Conveyor is to discharge from hoppers materials such as clay, marl, natural or FGD gypsum, anhydrite and pozzolan, when they have a high moisture content and are sticky. Another key function of the heavy-duty versions of the Arched Plate Conveyor, BPB-S or BPB-SF, is to receive as-mined raw material and feed to a primary crusher at the quarry.

AUMUND BPB Arched Plate Conveyor

Arched plates fit snugly on to the drive rings and pre-tensioned chain rims, allowing easy cleaning of the conveying surface with a scraper:

  • drive with adjustable rotation speed controls the discharge rate
  • DPB-B version with weighing rail
  • plate thicknesses from 6 to 10 mm

Heavy-Duty Arched Plate Conveyor

The heavy load impacts caused by materials being handled in quarry processes, such as crusher feed applications or under dump trucks, require the heavy-duty designs of the Arched Plate Conveyor, either BPB-S or BPB-SF:

  • plate thicknesses of up to 70 mm
  • performance capacities of up to 11,000 t/h
  • transportation of coarse lumps of raw materials of up to 2,000 mm