Panorama Pan Conveyor KZB

AUMUND Pan Conveyor

Type KZB

The AUMUND KZB Pan Conveyor is a reliable and cost-effective solution for the transportation of hot and / or abrasive bulk materials.

Features and Characteristics

  • horizontal conveying or inclined up to 30° (depending on the material)
  • plate widths from 400 to 2,400 mm
  • conveying capacities up to 1,300 m3/h
  • AUMUND plate profiles give enhanced rigidity
  • Plates overlap to reduce spillage
  • very smooth running
  • low maintenance, long lifetime
  • available in a variety of designs
  • can be equipped to transport hot materials or as a cooling conveyor
  • DPB-K version with weighing rail

Special design version: The Reversible Pan Conveyor

In certain cases, the layout of a plant can dictate that material has to flow alternately in opposite directions. In such cases the special version AUMUND KZB-R Pan Conveyor comes into its own.  

Features and Characteristics

  • horizontal arrangement of the conveyor is recommended
  • monitoring from the control room ensures complete emptying of the conveying sections before change of direction
  • this can be a long conveyor because there are drives on both deflection shafts