Panorama CENTREX®

CENTREX® Discharge System

CENTREX® is an excellent solution for discharge of silos or bins where sticky materials with challenging flow properties are stored. A logarithmically shaped discharge arm moves the material to the central discharge outlet. It extracts the material from underneath the full bulk material column whilst at the same time undercutting at the external silo wall to avoid bulk material build-up and idle zones.

Features and Characteristics

  • first in, first out
  • 100% active mass flow capacity
  • level lowering of the complete hopper contents
  • no detaching or bridging of material
  • silo diameter up to 8 m
  • geometry and mobility of the inner cone is determined by the material
  • logarithmically shaped discharge arm, reinforced if necessary
  • hydraulic or frequency controlled drive unit

Examples of the product types available


has an internal drive unit in an inner cone. Radial supporting beams connect the machine to the silo wall and have roof-shaped deflector plates to prevent material build-up. At least one of the beams will have a cavity through which access can be gained to the inner cone and drive unit. Common applications are: 

  • mill, dryer and kiln feed
  • discharge of sludge from sedimentation tanks
  • discharge from silos with inert gas contact
  • discharge from silos with toxins

with external drive unit and stationary inner cone.

with external drive unit and rotating inner cone. This design is for particularly challenging bulk materials. In this version the inner cone, the discharge arm and the rotating chute form a single unit which rotates.