Panorama Clinker Silo Technology

AUMUND Clinker Silo Technology

Getting the initial design right is fundamental to the cost-effectiveness of a clinker storage operation. Particular aspects that have to be taken into consideration are not only the withdrawal rate and the optimum layout of conveyors, but above all the material characteristics and the planning of hoppers, storage halls or silos. AUMUND’s expertise in this area is based on many years’ experience with successful international projects, and permits its customers to benefit from comprehensive consultancy on both technical and managerial aspects.

Storage of cement clinker is a pre-condition for non-stop kiln line production. Constantly expanding kiln capacities necessitate storage volumes of 200,000 m3 or even more.

Features and Characteristics

  • available space
  • statics, ground load bearing and ground water situation
  • bulk material temperature and flow properties
  • environmental regulations and design
  • investment and operating costs
  • capacity and withdrawal rate (in automated operation)