Panorama Rotor

Rotor Discharge System

The Rotor Silo Discharge Machine from AUMUND shows its strength above all in the handling of challenging bulk materials such as FGD gypsum.  

Features and Characteristics

  • first in, first out
  • 100% active mass flow capacity
  • level lowering of the complete hopper contents
  • no detaching or bridging of material
  • silo diameters of more than 10 m for lower overall height requirement whilst volume constant
  • discharge capacities of up to 1,800 m3/h
  • modular construction
  • flexible drive technology
  • discharge arm keeps itself down
  • discharge arm can be plated or coated to suit the material to be discharged
  • logarithmically shaped discharge arm is hardwearing and low in energy consumption
  • dual-purpose discharge arm: undercutting of the material column and discharge via an internal thrust plate