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For the AUMUND service team sustainability of equipment and component performance is the highest priority – all over the world. The extensive service network of the AUMUND Group is easily accessible to customers everywhere through all AUMUND Group locations.

Spare parts service

Well-appointed spare parts warehouses in Rheinberg Germany, Atlanta USA, Ipatinga Minas Gerais Brazil, Riyadh Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong ensure fast delivery of any necessary wear parts or replacements.


A preventive maintenance service (PREMAS®) always has the advantage of ensuring and sometimes improving the efficiency and therefore the economic viability of equipment and machinery long term. Unnecessary production stops can be minimised or even eliminated, and the lifetime of the complete plant can be significantly extended.

Technical seminars

Plant managers, operations managers, technical managers and particularly maintenance and service personnel take advantage of the one to two-day seminars that are held either on the customers’ premises, in the AUMUND locations or in the AUMUND Technology Centre in Rheinberg. These technical seminars, which have become known internationally as AUMUND Days, give participants the opportunity to learn new things or extend their theoretical and practical knowledge, for example through site visits and maintenance and repair work.

Process optimisation

Even if the highest standards of maintenance and servicing have been adhered to, sometimes a requirement for capacity increase or other technical modification to the process may dictate that a plant has to be optimised. This can be done by investment in a conversion or in new equipment.