Panorama PREMAS®


Preventive maintenance has its goal in increasing application efficiency and avoiding unnecessary consumable material or lifetime losses:

  • Improvement in machine availability
  • Avoidance of unscheduled shutdowns
  • Avoidance of efficiency compromises through maintenance errors
  • Extension of guarantee periods (with annual PREMAS® inspections)
  • Improvement in efficiency through lower maintenance costs

While maintenance costs usually rise after a few years and result in a foreseeable  replacement investment, this curve can be reversed with PREMAS®. Through regular inspections costs are somewhat higher in the first years of a machine’s operation, but maintenance costs reduce significantly and remain at a relatively low level until the end of the operation period. Apart from the advantage of plant maintenance intervals being performed during (seasonal) weak selling periods, savings of up to 12 per cent can be made. 

The PREMAS® concept is based on a four pillar strategy:

  • Regular (annual) inspections
  • Training of operational and maintenance personnel
  • Advice
  • Extension of guarantee