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The AUMUND Group 

The AUMUND Group of companies operates globally in various industries. It is a specialist in the field of conveying and storage equipment for a wide range of bulk materials with different characteristics.

The technically sophisticated solutions are at the same time both innovative and highly developed, and are installed all over the world. The extensive degree of customisation to individual customer specifications is one of the major factors that have led to the AUMUND Group becoming the world leader in its field that it is today.

The manufacturing companies of its three principal brands, AUMUND Förder­technik GmbH, Rheinberg/Germany, SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH, Gelsenkirchen/ Germany, and SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd., Ely/ UK, are joined by two service companies, AUMUND Group Field Service GmbH and AUMUND Logistic GmbH in Rheinberg to form the AUMUND Group.

Global business for the three manufacturing companies is managed by ten international sales offices, located throughout Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Customers are supported for service and spare parts from centres strategically located in Germany, Hong Kong, USA, Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH

AUMUND has had a history of international success for 95 years, and is renowned for its specialised, cost-effective and future-orientated solutions for conveying and storage. Its equipment is ideal for the handling of particularly abrasive or extremely hot materials.

If it is time to optimise a process, AUMUND also offers custom-fit modernisation and conversion solutions, which will not only bring the plant up to current technological standards, but also ensure its sustainable future.

In addition to the supply of spare parts, AUMUND offers the Preventive Maintenance Services of its PREMAS® team, which carries out inspections of AUMUND equipment as well as machinery of other manufacture all over the world. Consulting and advisory services are given on questions of maintenance, spare parts, process optimisation and conversions, in particular on production sites in the cement industry or other industries.

 Cement Industry

AUMUND’s range of equipment is wide but highly specific, and is adapted to applications at virtually all stages of the cement manufacturing process. With more than 18,000 international references, AUMUND is one of the most experienced and sought-after suppliers of all kinds of feeding, extraction and conveying systems as well as different designs of belt and chain bucket elevators, pan conveyors, drag chain conveyors and silo discharge machines. 


With tailor-made solutions and decades of international experience, AUMUND has become a respected and dependable partner to the iron, steel and aluminium industries, as well as to foundries. Feeding, extraction and conveying systems as well as belt and chain bucket elevators, pan conveyors, drag chain conveyors and silo discharge machines are features of AUMUND’s product range for this sector.

Power Plants

AUMUND equipment is indispensable in many parts of a power station, starting with intake of material, for example coal, RDF, biomass or limestone, then - depending on the process, onward conveying to and extraction from the boiler, whether it be grate-fired, pulverized coal-fired or fluidised bed technology, and culminating in the export of gypsum, ash, slag or dust.

Minerals & Ores

For numerous applications in minerals processing AUMUND supply a wide spectrum of solutions and products, such as bucket elevators, pan conveyors, chain conveyors, silo technology and silo discharge systems as well as loading equipment.

Chemicals & Fertiliser Industry

Its 95-year history and wide-ranging know-how in the most varied of industries and international locations puts AUMUND in position to master the complex requirements of the chemicals industry. As a reliable partner, AUMUND offer non-standard solutions specific to this industry, such as supply in stainless steel, if required.

 SCHADE Lagertechnik GmbH

SCHADE Lagertechnik is one of the leading global manufacturers of stacking and reclaiming equipment for bulk materials stockyards and blending beds. Its excellent engineering achievements with respect to innovation and sustainability of its machinery have earned SCHADE its international reputation in all branches of industry where stockpiling of bulk materials is important.

SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd.

With more than 50 years of experience, SAMSON Materials Handling has developed a comprehensive range of mobile solutions for handling different bulk materials with the most varied of characteristics. The machines are adapted to a wide range of applications in many industries. Flexibility in utilisation as well as reliability, quality, and safety are all equally important for SAMSON. Ship loaders, Eco Hoppers, Stormajor® and Samson® Mobile Material Feeders form the range of equipment that meets today’s requirements for high-performance, in particular at ports and loading facilities all over the world.

 AUMUND Group Field Service GmbH

With the incorporation of AUMUND Group Field Service GmbH in April 2017, the AUMUND, SCHADE and SAMSON companies amalgamated the customer on-site service functions which had until then been organised and carried out separately. This merger has created a strong pool of personnel, expert in supervising the assembly, commissioning and servicing of the Group’s range of specialised equipment. It has also enabled stronger links to the customers’ site personnel. In addition, AUMUND Group Field Service provides its services on a wider range of equipment to other customers outside the AUMUND Group.

AUMUND Logistic GmbH

AUMUND Logistic GmbH is the logistics subsidiary of the AUMUND Group and undertakes worldwide transport of machinery and components – not only for the AUMUND Group. Large volume and heavy loads are shipped worldwide by truck, rail, air or sea freight.

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