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AUMUND Group Field Service

The establishment of the company in April 2017 brought together into a new service entity the installation and commissioning activities which AUMUND, SCHADE and SAMSON had previously been organising and carrying out separately. The benefits lay especially in utilising and further expanding the strong international network of supervisors and commissioning personnel, and in improving the Group’s presence alongside the people using the machines on site.

AUMUND Group Field Service now performs industrial fitting services for all AUMUND Group Companies, as well as tendering for jobs outside the Group.

Customers benefit from a consistent international standard of service in installation and commissioning, which brings a marked increase in efficiency and added value.

Services. Markets.

  • Carrying out and supervision of:
    - Installation
    - Servicing
    - Maintenance
    - Repairs
    - Commissioning
  • Markets: worldwide

Erwin Last (Managing Director)

AUMUND Group Field Service GmbH
Heydecker Straße 145
47495 Rheinberg
Tel.: +49 28 43 72-241
Fax: +49 28 43 72-400