Panorama AUMUND Timeline

 Three Generations. Three Emphases.

For more than 95 years the name AUMUND has been synonymous with technological innovation in the field of conveying of hot and abrasive materials, and has set the international benchmark with its extremely reliable products.  

Heinrich Aumund. The founder. 


The intention was that the young Heinrich Aumund should take over his parents’ farm near Bremen. However, he succumbed very early to the fascination of technology, and after embarking on an academic career, studied mechanical engineering and physics. He specialised in means of transport in the coal mines of the Ruhr and the Lower Rhineland. As early as 1929 Heinrich Aumund had his rail-wagon tippler invention patented.

Heinrich Aumund initially dedicated himself to the education of young people at the Technical University of Gdansk, where he became the youngest full professor at the age of only 36. In parallel with his academic activities, Heinrich ventured out as an entrepreneur, establishing his patents in almost all industrialised nations. He created AUMUND Fördererbau GmbH, an engineering and sales office in Berlin in 1922, and in so doing laid the foundations for the success of today’s AUMUND Group of companies. From now on customers came not only from the mines and iron and steel works, but also from many other industries.

Günter Claus Aumund. The second generation.


In 1951 Professor Aumund’s son, Günter Claus Aumund, took over management of the engineering firm. By 1953 it had moved to Homberg, now part of Duisburg. But the young entrepreneur, Günter Claus Aumund, could not let go of the thought of having his own manufacturing workshop. Finally, he found suitable premises in 1955, the former Pötters’ agricultural machinery factory in Rheinberg.

On 12th November 1955 Günter Claus Aumund, ably supported by his wife, bought five parcels of land at a public auction. This was the beginning of the huge growth of the company from a local mining supplier to an internationally operating group of companies. Production started in 1956. Thanks to the consistent success of AUMUND’s conveying technology, its premises were continually being extended, and the production capacity and services offered were expanding. At the beginning of the 1960s, the mining industry, which had until then been the main customer sector of AUMUND Fördererbau GmbH, went into decline. However, at the same time, increasing demand from the cement industry was becoming evident, and gradually this sector established itself as more important for AUMUND’s activities.

Franz-W. Aumund. The third generation.

Franz-W. Aumund is currently the third-generation managing proprietor of the AUMUND group of companies, which today has approximately 500 employees worldwide. For more than 40 years he has been the driving force behind the development of an international sales network for AUMUND products and the leadership of a globally structured group of companies.

In addition to the cement industry, AUMUND now supplies international customers in iron and steel, aluminium, foundries, power plants, minerals and ore processing as well as in the chemical and fertiliser industries and other industries as well.

Customised, technically advanced products in conveying and storage technology are the reason for AUMUND’s excellent position in the world market, and clear leadership in certain sectors.