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Education & Social Issues  

The AUMUND Group has been advocating social responsibility for three generations, and from the very beginning the principal focus was on supporting young peoples’ education. The founder of the company, Professor Heinrich Aumund, himself campaigned for the welfare of students in need at the beginning of the 20th century in Berlin. 

His son, Günter Claus Aumund, helped 5,000 young people get professional and trade qualifications in the AUMUND Retraining and Education Centre, and received an award from Federal President Carl Karstens for his achievements.

With the arrival of the international business focus introduced by Franz-W. Aumund, social commitment also took on a global aspect, with the Managing Directors of the AUMUND subsidiaries around the world dealing personally with supporting social projects in the local communities.

The professionalisation of social commitment brought about by the third generation of AUMUND is reflected in the creation of the Franz-W. Aumund Foundation. Since 2006 educational projects have not only been supported by the AUMUND Group of Companies, but also to a large extent by foundation activities, because 

“ Training and education of young people are the most valuable investments in the future.” Franz-W. Aumund.

Brochure "Stiftung und Soziales" 2015 (in German)

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