Panorama Mining & Minerals

Mining & Minerals

SCHADE products also have a long tradition in the field of minerals; above all coal storage and coal blending beds have been a feature of the production range of the  storage technology specialists for many years. But also in the field of fertilisers, the chemical industry - and ores naturally - excellent references are to be found. As in all divisions of the AUMUND Group there is also special competence in abrasive or sticky bulk materials, such as in the handling for example of:

› Bauxite   › Phosphate  
› Iron ore   › Salt  
› Gold ore   › Sand  
› Limestone   › Sulphate  
› Kaoline   › Silver ore  
› Copper ore   › Clay  
› Nickel ore   › Urea  



The storage and blending of ores of different origin and qualities is a necessary step in their processing. The often very abrasive raw ores but also the already refined ore concentrates are conveyed and often homogenised and reclaimed once more in circular and longitudinal storage installations.

Fertilisers / Chemical Industry

In the field of fertilisers (potash / phosphate / sulphur), but also in the chemical industry there are often strict environmental regulations which are above all focused on emission limitation. In this area the covered SCHADE circular storage has won through as it takes up only a modest amount of space and satisfies dust control requirements – maintaining clean air. 


Everything began at SCHADE with equipment for the German hard coal mining industry. Nowadays storage technology for hard coal, lignite or coke still plays an important role. It not only involves coal handling at the mine, but also storage and blending prior to their processing in power stations, the steel or cement industry. Each type of storage and blending bed as well as wagon unloading featuring in this field is to be found in the often sought-after product range.