Panorama Circular Stockyards

SCHADE Circular Stockyards

Storages which are set up in tight space yet need to handle high capacities are increasingly conceived as circular storage. SCHADE has helped drive forward developments in this very field and can demonstrate excellent references worldwide.

  • Stockyard feeding usually by slewable stacker
  • Storage according to the cone forming process
  • Reclaiming on the inner slope of the stockpile with a circular scraper, which can be configured as side, semi-portal or portal scraper
  • Scraper with double-strand chain and wear-protected buckets
  • Central discharge via a chute
  • Simultaneous, entirely independent storage and reclaim for optimum flexible storage capacity
  • Storage diameter more than 120m
  • Storage capacity more than 180,000t
  • Storage capacity more than 4,000t/h
  • Reclaim capacity more than 2,000t/h