Panorama Circular Storage with Blending Bed

SCHADE Circular Storage with Blending Bed

SCHADE develops internationally recognized concepts for blending beds with optimum blending or homogenisation of the stored bulk material. In addition the installation is equipped with a combination of stacker and bridge scraper. The stacker forms the stockpile as a blending bed, the bridge scraper homogenises the material during reclaim. It collects the bulk material cleared by the harrow which continuously travels along the front-side.

The circulating scraper chain – it is mounted on a rigid supporting structure - conveys the material into a central discharge chute. The procedures are monitored via an SPS and controlled fully automatically.

 Kalkstein Kreislager als Mischbett mit Brückenkratzer bei HOLCIM Dotternhausen. Kreislager mit Mischbett für Kohle (COMET, Blackwater). Kreislager für Kohle (Zementwerk Lukavac, Bosnien)