Panorama Circular Buffer Storage

SCHADE Circular Buffer Stockyards

Circular storage offers a combination of low space requirement and high storage volume. They have become a SCHADE Lagertechnik domain over the last few years.


  • Combination of stacker and rotary scraper
  • Combination of stacker and side scraper
  • Combination of stacker and portal scraper

Functions & Features

  • Storage according to the cone forming process
  • Reclaiming of the stockpile on the inner slope 
  • Scraper with double-strand chain and wear-protected shovels
  • Bulk material conveying to a central discharge
  • Simultaneous stacking and reclaiming
  • Stacking and reclaiming processes SPS controlled (automatic operation)

 Combined stacker/scraper for stockyards in the open were initially installed by SCHADE for the chemical industry, later also for the storage of limestone in cement plants and for storage and reclaim of woodchips in the pulp and paper industry. Stricter environmental protection regulations have recently significantly increased the demand for enclosed storage. 

The first circular storage with combined stacker/scraper was designed and built in 1988 for storage of 95,000m3 of coal in a stockyard of 97m diameter. Nine circular storage stockyards in Taiwan are among SCHADE’s largest machines. These storage buildings commissioned between 1997 and 2002 feature a diameter of 120m. They achieve storage capacities of 4,000t/h; extraction of 2000t/h is possible.